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A segment from Vikings Game Day that talks about how the NFL Minnesota Vikings use Rolfing® Structural Integration to keep their players ready for game day.

Good summary of how Rolfing helps athletic types.

Lasting Structural Change

Bodywork to Maximize Vitality and Health

FluidBody Rolfing Stuctural Integration, Greenwich, CT

The videos and articles below demonstrate that Rolfing, though not widely known to the general public, is relatively well known and accepted by many successful people including famous doctors, athletes, musicians, and more.

Short video showing a Rolfer in action and an excellent introduction to the work.

World-renowned concert pianist Leon Fleisher lost the use of his right hand due to a condition eventually diagnosed as focal dystonia, a condition mostly brought about by repetitive motion stress. 

Despite surgery and trying many other healing modalities, he finally regained the use of the affected hand through a combination of Rolfing
® and Botox

* Fascia:  connective tissue that surrounds muscles, groups of muscles,blood vessels, and nerves, binding some structures together, while permitting others to slide smoothly over each other (from Wikipedia).

Five Time Olympic Athlete Amy Acuff Uses Rolfing® Bodywork to Prepare for the 2012 Olympics,  Massage Magazine. Acuff says Rolfing and her other training modalities helped her win the 2004 Olympic bronze medal. "I value Rolfing for performance ​enhancement and injury prevention, so issues ​do not crop up as readily," says Acuff.

Chicago Tribune article from 2010 quoting a Rolfing client which totally describes my own experience: ​"The effects of Rolfing didn't really sink in until the day after my second session.  It was late afternoon, and I was walking  between lunch errands. I'd been walking for about five minutes at a steady clip before it hit me: I was walking better. Better  than the prior afternoon, better than ever. More of my foot was hitting the ground with each step, offering a stability I'd never felt before. I was carrying  myself with better posture than before, and there 

was an easy swing in my arms."

This 2010 New York Times article discusses how "Rolfing is experiencing a resurgence, especially among younger city dwellers for whom the novelty of yoga has worn off, and who are now seeking more intense ways to relieve the 

stresses of modern life."

Former NHL Hockey player Mark Howe claims Rolfing extended his career by 5 years after near-debilitating back surgery.  Also covers how his father, hockey legend GORDIE HOWE, is also a fan of Rolfing.

Good summary of how Rolfing works and how it can help athletes.

Hockey legend Gordie Howe and son Mark Howe support Rolfing Structural Integration, as seen in this Philadelphia-area newspaper

PhoenixvilleNews.com from 2013.

This 2012 U.S. News & World Report article

entitled "Rolfing:  No Longer a Fringe Therapy"

reports it is a "long-ignored treatment for chronic

pain" that has gone "mainstream".

Documentary produced in Germany with a solid foundation behind the current science as to why bodywork such as Rolfing works (in German w/English subtitles).

Focus on the role of fascia* in the body and causes /treatment for BACK PAIN.

It's long -- 32 minutes -- to see the most relevant portion, watch from the beginning until about minute 08:00.

Dr Mehmet Oz and Oprah support Rolfing as shown on this short video on the Oprah Winfrey show, and featured on Dr. Oz's website.  

The Rolfer is senior Rolf Institute (www.rolf.org) faculty member Jonathan Martine who lives in Colorado.