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Can Rolfing Help Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is an important issue for clients. Pain can come in the form of trauma from an accident, surgeries they have had, or the day-to-day repetition of sitting at a desk. Most chronic pain clients have tried many other approaches and are still seeking something that can provide some relief.

​Rolfing is a great modality for people that deal with chronic pain, working deeply to unwind and restructure the body can help create a less tension and pain.

Listed below are some of the chronic
pain problems Rolfing has helped:

∙ Plantar Fasciitis / Heel Spurs ∙ Lower Body and Pelvis
∙ Knee Pain ∙ Hip Problems
∙ Sciatica ∙ Carpal Tunnel
∙ Tennis Elbow ∙ Rotator Cuff
∙ Visceral Issues ∙ Upper Body, Head and Neck
∙ Low Back Pain ∙ Scoliosis
∙ Kyphosis ∙ Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
∙ Whiplash ∙ Headaches∙ Neck Strain
​∙ TMJ

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