FluidBody Rolfing®

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How Can Rolfing Help With Movement?

Freedom from the constant pressures of life may be found through Rolfing.  Many people just come to experience the feeling of freedom within their own bodies. Rolfing works with the muscles so they do not have to work as hard. EMG studies have shown that Rolfing can help the body work more efficiently. Life tasks become easier because your muscles are only using what is necessary to complete the task instead of engaging additional muscle groups that will expend more energy. People have reported feeling more energetic because their body isn't working as hard.

Rolf Movement sessions are another option. Sessions are based on how you move and how you might be able to move differently. It retrains the body to help break the habits that may have gotten you into trouble in the first place.  Rolfing structural sessions help remove restrictions in the soft-tissue that impede range of motion; Rolf Movement teaches more functional ways of moving. Rolf Movement sessions can be extremely effective, whether you're fine-tuning for an athletic performance or simply learning to walk or sit in a way that reduces pain.