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How is Rolfing different than other therapies?

Rolfing applies a wholistic approach to the body. A Rolfer will do a lot of structural movement analysis, watching the client sit, walk, do simple knee bends if the client can do them, to see which areas of the client are not in line, or not moving and twisting with the rest of their body. 

This analysis shows the Rolfer which areas to work. Sometimes the place causing problems might not be the focus of the discomfort. An example of this is when a person's feet are not contacting the ground properly: the rest of the body will compensate by twisting or bending to balance itself. Over time this compensation frequently results in tissue restrictions that later show up as pain in the hip, back or even the neck.

​The w
ork itself is similar to a workout in the gym.The client must be mentally present and focused. The client is expected to participate and receives work from a variety positions, from lying down to standing upright, often changing positions many times throughout the session.

Structural realignment is produced through slow muscle-releasing techniques and positional strategies, which allow gravity to assist the release. Each session is building and preparing for the final integration of the whole body. The goal is an integrated, palintonic body that is free of discomforts within gravity.

Even though Rolfing is a strong tool on its own, it does compliment other modalities. You can accelerate your body's ability to get better faster by working together with chiropractors, PT's, acupuncturists, massage therapists, psychotherapists, and other health care professionals.

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