FluidBody Rolfing®

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What Techniques Does Rolfing Use? 

Rolfing techniques are very slow and designed to enable the person to relax and accommodate the work. It is similar to a good workout where at the end you know that your body has been through a good session of muscle stretching and contracting.

If a person is too tense to relax into the work, the practitioner can vary the approach to enable the client to adjust to the work for maximum results and comfort.

The ultimate goal is for the muscles to release and relax. This not only has an effect on the muscle being worked but on the entire body. 

​Part of a Rolfer's 'toolkit' is training in a very effective technique that is also known as "myofascial release."  (for more information, see:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myofascial_release)